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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Scaffolded Help for Learning: How Experts Collaboratively Support Newcomer Participation in Online CommunitiesJohri, Aditya; Yang, Seungwon; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2011SCHO: An Ontology Based Model for Com- puting Divergence Awareness in Distributed Collaborative SystemsAslan, Khaled; Alhadad, Nagham; Skaf-Molli, Hala; Molli, Pascal
2019Scholars' Perceptions of Relevance in Bibliography-based People Recommender SystemOlshannikova, Ekaterina; Olsson, Thomas; Huhtamäki, Jukka; Yao, Peng
2007Seeing Ethnographically: Teaching ethnography as part of CSCWBrown, Barry; Lundin, Johan; Rost, Mattias; Lymer, Gustav; Holmquist, Lars Erik
2003Seeing What you are Hearing: Co-ordinating Responses to Trouble Reports in Network TroubleshootingWhittaker, Steve; Amento, Brian
2017Seeking Togetherness: Moving Toward a Comparative Evaluation Framework in an Interdisciplinary DIY Networking ProjectDavies, G.; Gaved, M.; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2014Self-defence IT – Migrant Women and ICTs StrategiesGouma, Assimina; Ernst, Waltraud; Carrington, Kim; Caixeta, Luzenir
2017Self-Flipped Teaching & Learning for STEM in Higher EducationVasilchenko, Anna
2007Semi-Synchronous Conflict Detection and Resolution in Asynchronous Software DevelopmentDewan, Prasun; Hegde, Rajesh
2000Semistructured Models are Surprisingly Useful for User-Centered DesignHerrmann, Thomas; Hoffmann, Marcel; Loser, Kai-Uwe; Moysich, K.
2017Share Yourself First: Exploring Strategies for the Creation of Locative Content for and by Low-literacy CommunitiesSilva, Cláudia; Nisi, Valentina; Straubhaar, Joseph D.; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2004Shared displays for promoting informal cooperation: an exploratory studyDivitini, Monica; Farshchian, Babak A.
2000Shared Understanding, Informed Participation, and Social Creativity - Objectives for the Next Generation of Collaborative SystemeFischer, Gerhard
2005Sharing the square: collaborative leisure in the city streetsBrown, Barry; Chalmers, Matthew; Bell, Marek; MacColl, Ian; Hall, Malcolm; Rudman, Paul
1993Sharing To-Do Lists with a Distributed Task ManagerKreifelts, Thomas; Hinrichs, Elke; Woetzel, Gerd
2007Sharing Wireless Internet in Urban NeighbourhoodsWong, Matthew; Clement, Andrew
2016Shifting Patterns in Home Care Work: Supporting Collaboration Among Self-Employed Care ActorsAmsha, Khuloud Abou; Lewkowicz, Myriam
2017Simulation Sessions as Engines of Improved Hospital Care QualityBoulard,Cecile; Falzon, Cecile; Rozier, David; Grasso, M. Antonietta
2016Six Issues in Which IS and CSCW Research Communities DifferLanamäki, Arto; Väyrynen, Karin
1999Six roles of documents in professionals' workHertzum, Morten