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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Real-time teamwork evaluation and C2 crisis management: overview of doctoral researchPrébot, Baptiste; Claverie, Bernard; Salotti, Jean-Marc
2002Reconciling Different Perspectives: An Experiment on Technology Support for ArticulationMark, Gloria; González, Víctor M.; Sarini, Marcello; Simone, Carla
2008Reconsidering Clark’s Theory in CSCWNova, Nicolas; Sangin, Mirweis; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2003Reconsidering Common Ground: Examining Clark's Contribution Theory in the ORKoschmann, Timothy; LeBaron, Curtis D.
2018Reconsidering online reputation systemsWilson, Anna; De Paoli, Stefano
1995Reconsidering the Virtual Workplace: Flexible Support for Collaborative ActivityHeath, Christian; Luff, Paul; Sellen, Abigail
2002Recursive Articulation Work in Ariadne: The Alignment of MeaningsSarini, Marcello; Simone, Carla
2000Redesigning the Peer Review Process: A Developmental Theory-in-ActionSumner, Tamara R.; Shum, Simon Buckingham; Wright, Michael J.; Bonnardel, Nathalie; Piolat, Annie; Chevalier, Aline
2015Reducing "white elephant" ICT4D projects: a community-researcher engagementWinschiers-Theophilus, Heike; Zaman, Tariq; Yeo, Alvin; Avram, Gabriela; De Cindio, Fiorella; Pipek, Volkmar
2001Reducing interference in single display groupware through transparencyZanella, Ana; Greenberg, Saul
2007Reflections and Reactions to Social Accounting Meta-DataGleave, Eric; Smith, Marc
2017Refugees & HCI Workshop: The Role of HCI in Responding to the Refugee CrisisTalhouk, R.; Vlachokyriakos, V.; Aal, K.; Weibert, A.; Ahmed, S.; Fisher, K.; Wulf, Volker; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2004Regulating Prominence: A Design Pattern for Co-located CollaborationArvola, Mattias; Larsson, Anders
2005Regulation Mechanisms in an Open Social Media using a Contact Recommender SystemVignollet, L.; Plu, M.; Marty, J. C.; Agosto, L.
2011Relation work: Creating socio-technical connections in global engineeringBjørn, Pernille; Christensen, Lars Rune
1989Relevance of the X.500 Directory to CSCW ApplicationsPrinz, Wolfgang; Pennelli, Paola
2017Reminiscence, Digital Storytelling and Maps: How Technology Affects Loneliness of Older AdultsAlexandrakis, Diogenis
2017Remix Portal: Connecting Classrooms with Local Music CommunitiesDodds, Colin; Kharrufa, Ahmed; Preston, Anne; Preston, Catherine; Olivier, Patrick; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2017Repacking ‘Privacy’ for a Networked WorldCrabtree, Andy; Tolmie, Peter; Knight, Will
2003‘Repairing’ the Machine: A Case Study of the Evaluation of Computer-Aided Detection Tools in Breast ScreeningHartswood, Mark; Procter, Rob; Slack, Roger; Soutter, James; Voss, Alex; Rouncefield, Mark