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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Pair programming and the re-appropriation of individual tools for collaborative software developmentBryant, Sallyann; Romero, Pablo; Boulay, Benedict du
1991Panel: Organisational MemoryConklin, Jeff; Star, Susan Leigh
1991Panel: Rethinking the role of formalization in CSCWPedersen, Elin; Suchman, Lucy
2011panOULU: triple helix driven municipal wireless network providing open and free internet accessOjala, Timo; Orajärvi, Jukka; Puhakka, Katriina; Heikkinen, Ilari; Heikka, Juhani
2017Paper practices in institutional talk: How financial advisors impress their clientsDolata, Mateusz; Schwabe, Gerhard
2017Parental controls: reimagining technologies for parent-child interactionNouwen, Marije; Jafarinaimi, Nassim; Zaman, Bieke
1993Participation Equality and Influence: Cues and Status in Computer-Supported Cooperative Work GroupsWeisband, Suzanne P.; Schneider, Sherry K.; Connolly, Terry
1991Participation frameworks for computer mediated communicationJirotka, Marina; Luff, Paul; Gilbert, Nigel
2004The Participative Framework as a design model for newsgroups: PartRoOMLewkowicz, Myriam; Marcoccia, Michel
2004Participatory Design of Community Information Systems - The Designer as BardCarroll, John M.
2018A participatory-based approach to ethical technologies appropriation in a lower digitised fieldworkBettega, Mela
2003Patients' Online Communities Experiences of Emergent Swedish Self-help on the InternetJosefsson, U.
2013Patterns of support in an online community for smoking cessationPloderer, Bernd; Smith, Wally; Howard, Steve; Pearce, Jon; Borland, Ron
2008People Tagging & Ontology Maturing: Towards Collaborative Competence ManagementBraun, Simone; Schmidt, Andreas
2014People, Plans and Place: understanding and supporting responses to rural public transport disruption.Papangelis, Konstantinos; Chamberlain, Alan; Velaga, Nagendra; Corsar, David; Sripada, Somayajulu; Nelson, John; Beecroft, Mark
1991PEPYS: Generating Autobiographies by Automatic TrackingNewman, William; Eldridge, Margery
1991Personalisable groupware: Accommodating individual roles and group differencesGreenberg, Saul
2008Personas and scenarios: design tool or a communication device?Gudjonsdottir, Rosa; Lindquist, Sinna
2017PHR governance requirements leading to patient selectionZanutto, Alberto; Piras, Enrico Maria
2018Physical versus Digital Sticky Notes in Collaborative IdeationMøller Jensen, Mads; Thiel, Sarah-Kristin; Hoggan, Eve; Bødker, Susanne