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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010‘Keep Up the Good Work!’: The Concept of ‘Work’ in CSCWSchmidt, Kjeld
2015Keeping Distributed Care Together: Medical Summaries ReconsideredMønsted, Troels
1993Keeping people apartHarper, Richard; Carter, Kathleen
2019Keeping the loop going: representations and data practices in remote careGrisota, Miria; Kempton, Alexander
2010Knowing the Way. Managing Epistemic Topologies in Virtual Game WorldsBennerstedt, Ulrika; Ivarsson, Jonas
2010Knowledge Management in Locating the Patient in an Emergency Medical Service in ItalyDovigo, Fabio; Redaelli, Ilaria
2012Knowledge Management in Practice: A Special IssueSimone, Carla; Ackerman, Mark; Wulf, Volker
2003Knowledge Sharing in Knowledge Communitiesvan den Hooff, B.; Elving, W.; Meeuwsen, J.M.; Dumoulin, C.
1989Knowledge-Based Office Automation and CSCWTueni, Michel; Li, Jianzhong
2018LABORe: Collaborative Assessment of Work-Disruptive TechnologiesLima, Yuri; de Souza, Jano Moreira
2018Lacomo: A Layer to Develop Collaborative Mobile ApplicationsPichiliani, Mauro Carlos; Dewan, Prasun; Hirata, Celso Massaki
2001Landscapes of Practice: Bricolage as a Method for Situated DesignBüscher, Monika; Gill, Satinder; Mogensen, Preben; Shapiro, Dan
2022Large-scale Visualisations in Support of Strategic DecisionsMenukhin, Olga
2018Latent Groups in Online Communities: a Longitudinal Study in WikipediaLanamäki, Arto; Lindman, Juho
2014Latent Users in an Online User-Generated Content CommunityVelasquez, Alcides; Wash, Rick; Lampe, Cliff; Bjornrud, Tor
2011Layers in Sorting Practices: Sorting out Patients with Potential CancerHolten Møller, Naja; Bjørn, Pernille
1999Layers of Silence, Arenas of Voice: The Ecology of Visible and Invisible WorkStar, Susan Leigh; Strauss, Anselm
2019Learning about Deadlines from a Community of LearnersLuckner, Naemi; Purgathofer, Peter; Fitzpatrick, Geraldine
2003Learning and Collaboration across Generations in a CommunityRosson, M.B.; Carroll, J.M.
2003Learning and living in the ‘New office’Bjerrum, Eva; Bødker, Susanne