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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003I-DIAG: From Community Discussion to Knowledge DistillationAckerman, M.S.; Swenson, A.; Cotterill, S.; DeMaagd, K.
1991Idea Management in a Shared Drawing ToolLu, Iva; Mantei, Marilyn
1989Identifying Decision Makers For Large-Scale Group DecisionsStary, Christian
2000IGLOO: A Framework for Developing Product-Oriented Shared Workspace ApplicationsFarshchian, B. A.
2007Implicit Many-to-One Communication in Online CommunitiesXia, Mu; Huang, Yun; Duan, Wenjing; Whinston, Andrew B.
1993Improving Software Quality through Computer Supported Collaborative ReviewJohnson, Philip; Tjahjono, Danu
2016In Due Time: Decision-Making in Architectural Design of HospitalsMøller, Naja L. Holten; Bjørn, Pernille
2018In Search for the Perfect Pathway: Supporting Knowledge Work of Welfare WorkersBoulus-Rødje, Nina
2018The Influence of the Leaders’ Selection Method on Team PerformancePacheco, Dulce; Soares, Luísa
2009Information Curators in an Enterprise File-Sharing ServiceMuller, Michael J.; Millen, David R.; Feinberg, Jonathan
1989Information Domains in CSCWHennessy, Pippa
2009Information Revelation and Internet Privacy Concerns on Social Network Sites: A Case Study of FacebookYoung, Alyson L.; Quan-Haase, Anabel
2008Information Spaces in Large-Scale OrganizationHjelle, Torstein Elias
2005Information Technology in Support of Public DeliberationKavanaugh, Andrea L.; Isenhour, Philip L.; Cooper, Matthew; Carroll, John M.; Rosson, Mary Beth; Schmitz, Joseph
1993Informed Opportunism as Strategy: Supporting Coordination in Distributed Collaborative WritingBeck, Eevi E.; Bellotti, Victoria
1999Informing collaborative information visualisation through an ethnography of ambulance controlBowers, John; Martin, David
2005Informing public deliberation: Value sensitive design of indicators for a large-scale urban simulationBorning, Alan; Friedman, Batya; Davis, Janet; Lin, Peyina
2003Informing the Development of Calendar Systems for Domestic UseCrabtree, Andy; Hemmings, Terry; Rodden, Tom; Mariani, John
2017Infrastructures for Sense MakingTellioğlu, Hilda; Habiger, Michael; Cech, Florian
2017Infrastructuring computer-supported collaboration to foster the connection between high and low-skilled peopleBettega, Mela