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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014"I Am Not a Lawyer": Copyright Q&A in Online Creative CommunitiesFiesler, Casey; Feuston, Jessica; Bruckman, Amy S.
2022I think "Hedging" could be a Feminist Issue in Software EngineeringAshcroft, Alice
2003I-DIAG: From Community Discussion to Knowledge DistillationAckerman, M.S.; Swenson, A.; Cotterill, S.; DeMaagd, K.
2005ICT and Integrated Care: Some Dilemmas of Standardising Inter-Organisational CommunicationWinthereik, Brit Ross; Vikkelsø, Signe
1991Idea Management in a Shared Drawing ToolLu, Iva; Mantei, Marilyn
1994Identification and use of guidelines for the design of computer supported collaborative writing toolsJones, Steve
1989Identifying Decision Makers For Large-Scale Group DecisionsStary, Christian
2018Identifying Opinion and Fact Subcategories from the Social WebMullick, Ankan; Ghosh D, Surjodoy; Maheswari, Shivam; Sahoo, Srotaswini; Maity, Suman Kalyan; C, Soumya; Goyal, Pawan
2014Identifying Seekers and Suppliers in Social Media Communities to Support Crisis CoordinationPurohit, Hemant; Hampton, Andrew; Bhatt, Shreyansh; Shalin, Valerie L.; Sheth, Amit P.; Flach, John M.
2020Identity and User Behavior in Online CommunitiesGuo, Cheng
2023Identity, Marginalization and Precarity in Platform-Mediated FreelancingMunoz, Isabel
2014If It Is Funny, It Is Mean: Understanding Social Perceptions of Yelp Online ReviewsBakhshi, Saeideh; Kanuparthy, Partha; Shamma, David A.
2000IGLOO: A Framework for Developing Product-Oriented Shared Workspace ApplicationsFarshchian, B. A.
2016The IKEA Catalogue: Design Fiction in Academic and Industrial CollaborationsBrown, Barry; Bleecker, Julian; D'Adamo, Marco; Ferreira, Pedro; Formo, Joakim; Glöss, Mareike; Höök, Kristina; Johnson, Eva-Carin Banka; Kaburuan, Emil; Karlsson, Anna; Vaara, Elsa; Laaksolahti, Jarmo; Lampinen, Airi; Leahu, Lucian; Lewandowski, Vincent; McMillan, Donald; Mellbratt, Anders; Mercurio, Johanna; Norlin, Cristian; Nova, Nicolas; Pizza, Stefania; Rostami, Asreen; Sundquist, Mårten; Tollmar, Konrad; Tsaknaki, Vasiliki; Wang, Jinyi; Windlin, Charles; Ydholm, Mikael
2018Imaginaries and Crystallization Processes in Bitcoin InfrastructuringKow, Yong Ming; Lustig, Caitlin
2021Immersive Cooperative Work Environments (CWE): Designing Human-Building Interaction in Virtual RealityBjørn, Pernille; Wulff, Marc; Schmidt Petræus, Mathias; Holten Møller, Naja
2021Immersive Cooperative Work Environments (CWE): Designing Human-Building Interaction in Virtual RealityBjørn, Pernille; Wulff, Mark; Petræus, Mathias Schmidt; Møller, Naja Holten
1989The Impact of Case Tools on Teamwork of Information Systems DevelopersWrycza, Stanislaw
2016The Impact of Spatial Properties on Collaboration: An Exploratory Study in the Automotive DomainKrischkowsky, Alina; Trösterer, Sandra; Bruckenberger, Ulrike; Maurer, Bernhard; Neureiter, Katja; Perterer, Nicole; Baumgartner, Axel; Tscheligi, Manfred
2021Impalpable Narratives: How to capture intangible cultural heritage of migrant communitiesNisi, Valentina; Bostock, Hollie; Casario, Vanessa; Acedo, Albert; Nunes, Nuno