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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Gamified Technology Probes for Scaffolding Computational ThinkingGennari, Rosella; Fatto, Vincenzo Del; Gashi, Edona; Sanin, Julian; Ventura, Angelo
1997Gatherers of Information: Some Remarks on the Mission Process at the International Monetary FundHarper, Richard H.R.
2017Generification in change: the complexity of modelling the healthcare domainSilsand, Line; Christensen, Bente
1999GestureLaser and GestureLaser Car: Development of an embodied space to support remote instructionYamazaki, Keiichi; Yamazaki, Akiko; Kuzuoka, Hideaki; Oyama, Shinya; Kato, Hiroshi; Suzuki, Hideyuki; Miki, Hiroyuki
2004Getting to the Point with Participatory Video ScenarioYlirisku, Salu
2007Gifts from friends and strangers: A study of mobile music sharingHåkansson, Maria; Rost, Mattias; Erik, Lars
2011Global online meetings in virtual teams: from media choice to interaction negotiationPongolini, Malin; Lundin, Johan; Svensson, Lars
2017Good practice in homecare: integrating several types of workBratteteig, Tone; Eide, Ingvild
2011Group Crumb: Sharing Web Navigation by Visualizing Group Traces on the WebWang, Qing; Zheng, Gaoqiang; Li, Ya; Chang, Huiyou; Chao, Hongyang
2003Group-to-Group Distance Collaboration: Examining the “Space Between”Mark, Gloria; Abrams, Steve
2002Growing Networks: Detours, Stunts and SpilloversAanestad, Margunn; Hanseth, Ole
2000A Guide through the Construction of a Groupware for Efficient Knowledge ManagementLewkowicz, Myriam; Zacklad, Manuel
2000Guiding the thrust! Analytical Concepts in the Service of Coordination Support SystemsCarstensen, Peter H.; Nielsen, Morten
2017The Hackerspace Manifested as a DIY-IoT Entity: Shaping and Protecting the Identity of the CommunityLundbjerg, Ea Hansen; von der Osten, Julie Pflug; Kanto, Rosita; Bjørn, Pernille
2001Harnessing complexity in CSCWKaplan, Simon M.; Seebeck, Lesley
2012Harvesting collective agreement in community oriented surveys: the medical case.Cabitza, Federico
2007Health Care Categories have Politics too: Unpacking the Managerial Agendas of Electronic Triage SystemsBjørn, Pernille; Balka, Ellen
2007High Tech Programmers in Low-Income Communities: Creating a Computer Culture in a Community Technology CenterKafai, Yasmin B.; Peppler, Kylie A.; Chiu, Grace M.
2009Hometown websites: continuous maintenance of cross-border connectionsCastro, Luis A.; Gonzalez, Victor M.
2017How can Communities of Practice and UMI technologies support and enhance STEM learningO’Keefe, Michelle