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2021Facilitating Data Inclusion and Empowerment through Arts-Based, Creative and Playful ApproachesTylosky, Natasha; Even, Priscilla Van; Claes, Sandy; Pässilä, Anne; Knutas, Antti; Wolff, Annika
2016Facilitating Participation of Stakeholders During Process Analysis and DesignNolte, Alexander; Herrmann, Thomas
2009Facilitating participatory decision-making in local communities through map-based online discussionYu, Bo; Cai, Guoray
2019Facilitating the First Move: Exploring Inspirational Design Patterns for Aiding Initiation of Social EncountersMitchell, Robb; Olsson, Thomas
2007Factors Affecting User Participation in Video UCC (User-Created Contents) ServicesKim, Seongcheol; Na, Eun-Kyung; Ryu, Min-Ho
2010Faithful to the Earth: Reporting Experiences of Artifact-Centered Design in HealthcareCabitza, Federico
2019Feedback Practices in Collaborative Video EditingOkopnyi, Pavel
2016FeltRadio: Experiencing and Participating in WiFi Activities Through Sensorial AugmentationFritsch, Jonas; Grönvall, Erik
2021The Field Guide App - Connecting Island Communities to Local Conservation Through Mobile InteractionSousa, Daniel; Silva, Alexandra R.; Amorim, Isabel R.; Ashby, Simone; Arroz, Ana Moura; Piasentin, Flora; Gabriel, Rosalina; Matos, Sónia
1994Field Studies and CSCW-
2014A Field Trial of an Anonymous Backchannel Among Primary School PupilsNelimarkka, Matti; Kuikkaniemi, Kai; Jacucci, Giulio
2005File-Sharing Relationships – conflicts of interest in online gift-givingSkågeby, Jörgen; Pargman, Daniel
2004Finding partners in the coordination of Loose Inter-Organizational WorkflowAndonoff, Eric; Bouzguenda, Lotfi; Hanachi, Chihab; Sibertin-Blanc, Christophe
2001Finding patterns in the fieldworkMartin, David; Rodden, Tom; Rouncefield, Mark; Sommerville, Ian; Viller, Stephen
2008Finding Synergies: Web 2.0 and Collaboration Support SystemsCarsten, Ritterskamp; Michael, Prilla
2018FitAware: Promoting Group Fitness Awareness ThroughGlanceable SmartwatchesEsakia, Andrey; McCrickard, D. Scott; Harden, Samantha; Horning, Michael
2006Five Levels of Collaboration - Five Levels of ICT Support?Korpilahti, Heini; Koskinen, Toni
2020FlexIA - A toolkit for the participatory information analysis in small and medium-sized companiesBecks, Daniela; Kruse, Christian; Venhuis, Sebastian
2001Flexible support for application-sharing architectureChung, Goopeel; Dewan, Prasun
2019Flexible Turtles and Elastic Octopi: Exploring Agile Practice in Knowledge WorkErickson, Ingrid; Menezes, Deepti; Raheja, Raghav; Shetty, Thanushree