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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005E-Commerce, Communities and Government: A Snapshot of the Australian ExperiencelHowell, Andrea; Terziovski, Milé
2010e-Infrastructures: How Do We Know and Understand Them? Strategic Ethnography and the Biography of ArtefactsPollock, Neil; Williams, Robin
2015ECSCW 2015 Conference Committee-
2006Editable Chat Logs: A Concept for Seamless Integration of Chat Conversations and Documents in Shared WorkspacesHaake, Anja
2018The Effect of Collaboration Styles and View Independence on Video-mediated Remote CollaborationKim, Seungwon; Billinghurst, Mark; Lee, Gun
1997Effects of the amount of shared information on communication efficiency in side by side and remote help dialoguesKarsenty, Laurent
2003Email as Spectroscopy: Automated Discovery of Community Structure within OrganizationsTyler, J.R.; Wilkinson, D.M.; Huberman, B.A.
2007Embeddedness and Media Use in Networks of Practicevan den Hooff, B.; Huysman, Marleen; Agterberg, Marlous
1996Embodied actions in time and place: The cooperative design of a multimedia, educational computer gameRobertson, Toni
2017Embracing Diversity with Help of Technology and Participatory DesignBarricelli, B. R.; Di Loreto, I.; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2005Emergent temporal behaviour and collaborative workSeebeck, Lesley; Kim, Richard M.; Kaplan, Simon M.
2017Emerging versions of patient involvement with Patient Reported OutcomesLangstrup, Henriette
2005Empirical investigation into the effect of orientation on text readability in tabletop displaysWigdor, Daniel; Balakrishnan, Ravin
2004Empirical Study on Collaborative Writing: What Do Co-authors Do, Use, and Like?Noël, Sylvie; Robert, Jean-Marc
2009Empowering rural citizen journalism via web 2.0 technologiesFigueiredo, Marco A.; Prado, Paola; Câmara, Mauro A.; Albuquerque, Ana M.
2008Enabling biomedical data analysis workflows: the Multi-Knowledge collaborative platformAmoretti, Michele; Zanichelli, Francesco; Conte, Gianni
2012Enabling Large-Scale Deliberation Using Attention-Mediation MetricsKlein, Mark
2021Encoding Collective Knowledge, Instructing Data Reusers: The Collaborative Fixation of a Digital Scientific Data SetHoeppe, Götz
2015Encouraging collective intelligence for the common good: how do we integrate the disparate pieces?Schuler, Douglas; De Cindio, Fiorella; De Liddo, Anna; Avram, Gabriela; De Cindio, Fiorella; Pipek, Volkmar
2012End-users’ integration of applications and devices: a cooperation based approachLocatelli, Marco P.; Simone, Carla