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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Calendars: Time coordination and overview in families and beyondBødker, Susanne; Grönvall, Erik
2019A Call For Embedding Dignity In Humanitarian TechnologiesTalhouk, Reem; Montague, Kyle; Garbett, Andrew; Araújo-Soares, Vera; Akik, Chaza; Ghattas, Hala; Ahmad, Balsam; Balaam, Madeline
2020CampusPartner: An Assistive Technology for Mobility Impaired PedestriansZastudil, Cynthia; Stewart, Michael; Sprague, Nathan; Brady, Erin
1992Can organisations afford knowledge?Anderson, R.; Sharrock, W.
1994Can speech acts walk the talk?Curtis, Bill
1995Can the GestureCam be a Surrogate?Kuzuoka, Hideaki; Ishimo, Gen; Nishimura, Yushi; Suzuki, Ryotaro; Kondo, Kimio
2019A capability analysis of groupware, cloud and desktop file systems for file synchronizationShekow, Marius; Prinz, Wolfgang
2019Capitalizing Relationships: Modes of Participation in CrowdsourcingHansson, Karin; Ludwig, Thomas; Aitamurto, Tanja
2023Capturing the Complexity of Communication with Transinformation AnalysisHovious, Amanda
2020Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CRP): Collaboration in Medical Team WorkPitsch, Karola; Krug, Maximilian; Cleff, Corvin
2017Care coordination with a patient centred planVuokko, Riikka; Mäkelä-Bengs, Päivi; Karsten, Helena
2021Care Managers and Role Ambiguity: The Challenges of Supporting the Mental Health Needs of Patients with Chronic ConditionsLattie, Emily G.; Burgess, Eleanor; Mohr, David C.; Reddy, Madhu
2021Care-full Design Sprints, Online? Addressing Gaps in Cultural Access and Inclusion during Covid-19 with Vulnerable Communities in London and TokyoBraybrooke, Kit; Janes, Stephanie; Sato, Chihiro
2018Carebit: A Privacy-Preserving Step Toward Remote Informal CaregivingGhosh, Arup Kumar; Aljallad, Zaina; Badillo-Urquiola, Karla; Wisniewski, Pamela
2021CareFox: An Interactive Learning Application for Care-StudentsUnbehaun, David; Aal, Konstantin; Richert, Viktoria; Wulf, Volker
2016Caring About Sharing: Couples' Practices in Single User Device AccessJacobs, Maia; Cramer, Henriette; Barkhuus, Louise
1994Categories, debates and religion warsMichelis, Giorgio
1993Categories, disciplines, and social coordinationWinograd, Terry
1994Categories: Concept, content, and contextOrlikowski, Wanda J.
2022Causal Impact Model to Evaluate the Diffusion Effect of Social Media CampaignsYu, Xinchen; Mashhadi, Afra; Boy, Jeremy; Nielsen, Rene Clausen; Hong, Lingzi