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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Babel in the international café: A respectful critiqueTrayner, B.
2015Back Cover-
2016Back Matter-
2004Backdoor Creativity: Collaborative Creativity in Technology Supported TeamsSundholm, Hillevi; Artman, Henrik; Ramberg, Robert
2014Barke - Gender all around! A practical and holistic approach towards recruiting and retaining women in the field of ITBarke, Helena; Siegeris, Juliane; Nordmann, Stefanie
2017Barriers for Bridging Interpersonal Gaps: Three Inspirational Design Patterns for Increasing Collocated Social InteractionMitchell, Robb; Olsson, Thomas; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2017Batching, Error Checking and Data Collecting: Understanding Data Entry in a Financial OfficeBorghouts, Judith; Brumby, Duncan; Cox, Anna
2016Beatfield: An Open-Meaning Audiovisual ExplorationMasu, Raul; Conci, Andrea; Menestrina, Zeno; Morreale, Fabio; De Angeli, Antonella
2018The Beauty of Ugliness: Preserving while Communicating Online with Shared Graphic PhotosAlshehri, Majdah; Makoto, Norman
2007Behaviours and Preferences when Coordinating Mediated Interruptions: Social and System influenceRomero, Natalia; Szóstek, Agnieszka Matysiak; Kaptein, Maurits; Markopoulos, Panos
2015Being present in online communities: learning in citizen scienceMugar, Gabriel; Østerlund, Carsten; Jackson, Corey Brian; Crowston, Kevin; Avram, Gabriela; De Cindio, Fiorella; Pipek, Volkmar
1991Being Selectively Aware with the Khronika SystemLövstrand, Lennart
2008Between casual commitment and cross-media articulation – the faith of the NapkinBødker, Susanne; Petersen, Anja Bechmann
2005Between chaos and routine: Boundary negotiating artifacts in collaborationLee, Charlotte
2019Beyond Cooperation: Three-Way Body Transfer Illusions For Physical PlaySypniewski, Jakub; Mitchell, Robb
2006Beyond Electronic Patient's File: Assisting Conversations in a Healthcare NetworkBénard, Valérie; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Zacklad, Manuel
2014Beyond Game Design for Broadening Participation: Building New Clubhouses of Computing for GirlsKafai, Yasmin B.; Burke, Quinn
1993Beyond Videophones: TeamWorkStation-2 for Narrowband ISDNIshii, Hiroshi; Arita, Kazuho; Yagi, Takashi
2014Beyond “Pink” and “Blue”: Gendered Attitudes towards Robots in SocietyWang, Yan; Young, James E.
2018Blockchain 4 EducationKolvenbach, Sabine; Ruland, Rudolf; Gräther, Wolfgang; Prinz, Wolfgang