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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A Bayesian Computational Model of Social Capital in Virtual CommunitiesKei Daniel, B.; Zapata-Rivera, J.-D.; McCalla, G.
2005A Bosom Buddy afar brings a Distant Land near: are Bloggers a Global Community?Su, Norman Makoto; Wang, Yang; Mark, Gloria; Aieylokun, Tosin; Nakano, Tadashi
2017A Case Study of How a Reduction in Explicit Leadership Changed an Online Game CommunityMcEwan, Gregor; Gutwin, Carl
2017A Case Study of How a Reduction in Explicit Leadership Changed an Online Game CommunityMcEwan, Gregor; Gutwin, Carl
2003A Citation Analysis of Influences on Collaborative Computing ResearchHolsapple, Clyde W.; Luo, Wenhong
2017A Collaborative Investigation into Visual Sense-making of Environmental Sound RecordingsDema, Tshering; Cappadonna, Jessica L; Brereton, Margot; Roe, Paul; Truskinger, Anthony; Zhang, Jinglan
1997A Collaborative Schema Integration SystemBeynon-Davies, P.; Bonde, L.; McPhee, D.; Jones, C.B.
1994A comment on Lucy Suchman's “do categories have politics?”Randall, D. W.
2000A Coordination Language For Building Collaborative ApplicationsCortes, Mauricio
2002A Descriptive Framework of Workspace Awareness for Real-Time GroupwareGutwin, Carl; Greenberg, Saul
2005A design theme for tangible interaction: Embodied facilitationHornecker, Eva
1995A General Multi-User Undo/Redo ModelChoudhary, Rajiv; Dewan, Prasun
1997A Group-based Authorization Model for Cooperative SystemsSikkel, Klaas
2005A groupware design framework for loosely coupled workgroupsPinelle, David; Gutwin, Carl
1999A groupware's lifePipek, Volkmar; Wulf, Volker
2004A Historical View of ContextChalmers, Matthew
2000A Knowledge-based Approach to Handling Exceptions in Workflow SystemsKlein, Mark; Dellarocas, Chrysanthos
2000A Light Workflow Management System Using Simple Process ModelsAgostini, Alessandra; de Michelis, Giorgio
2007A Look at Tokyo Youth at Leisure: Towards the Design of New Media to Support Leisure OutingsSchiano, Diane J.; Elliott, Ame; Bellotti, Victoria
2006A Methodological Framework for Socio-Cognitive Analyses of Collaborative Design of Open Source SoftwareSack, Warren; Détienne, Françoise; Ducheneaut, Nicolas; Burkhardt, Jean-Marie; Mahendran, Dilan; Barcellini, Flore