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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Interactional Order and Constructed Ways of Seeing with Touchless Imaging Systems in SurgeryO’Hara, Kenton; Gonzalez, Gerardo; Penney, Graeme; Sellen, Abigail; Corish, Robert; Mentis, Helena; Varnavas, Andreas; Criminisi, Antonio; Rouncefield, Mark; Dastur, Neville; Carrell, Tom
2022Intergenerational Design ActivismBaron, Oliver; Alatorre, Diego
2003Intermediary Objects as a Means to Foster Co-operation in Engineering DesignBoujut, Jean-François; Blanco, Eric
2017Interpersonal Influence in Viral Social Media: A Study of Refugee Stories on ViralityMansour, Osama; Olson, Nasrine; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2015Intertext: On Connecting Text in the Building ProcessChristensen, Lars Rune
2015Interview with Jay Nunamaker on ‘‘Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing’’Briggs, Robert O.
2015Interview with Jonathan Grudin on ‘‘Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing’’Koch, Michael; Schwabe, Gerhard
2018Interviews with Volker Wulf and Myriam Lewkowicz on ‘‘The European Tradition of CSCW’’Richter, Alexander; Koch, Michael
2021Into the Mine: Wicked Reflections on Decolonial Thinking and TechnologiesLeal, Débora de Castro; Duarte, Ana Maria Bustamante; Krüger, Max; Strohmayer, Angelika
2003Intranets and Local Community: 'Yes, an intranet is all very well, but do we still get free beer and a barbeque?Arnold, M.; Gibbs, M.R.; Wright, P.
2013Introducing the space recommender system: how crowd-sourced voting data can enrich urban exploration in the digital eraTraunmueller, Martin; Fatah gen. Schieck, Ava
1997Introducing Third Party Objects into the Spatial Model of InteractionBenford, Steve; Greenhalgh, Chris
2020Introducing ‘ECSCW Contributions’Lewkowicz, Myriam; Schmidt, Kjeld
2022Introduction and adaptation of an urban neighborhood platform for rural areasStruzek, David; Kirschsieper, Dennis; Müller, Claudia
2017Introduction to ECSCW 2017Lee, Charlotte P.; Ciolfi, Luigina; Randall, David
2018Introduction to ECSCW 2018Ignat, Claudia-Lavinia; Bjørn, Pernille; Dewan, Prasun
2019Introduction to ECSCW 2019Rossitto, Chiara; Muller, Michael; Fuchsberger-Staufer, Verena; Tscheligi, Manfred
2004Introduction to Special Issue on Context-Aware Computing in CSCWSchmidt, Albrecht; Gross, Tom; Billinghurst, Mark
2003Introduction to Special Issue on Evolving Use of GroupwareAndriessen, J.H. Erik; Hettinga, Marike; Wulf, Volker
2008Introduction to Special Issue on Learning and WorkKoschmann, Timothy