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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1993A Spatial Model of Interaction in Large Virtual EnvironmentsBenford, Steve; Fahlén, Lennart
2013A stake in the issue of homelessness: identifying values of interest for design in online communitiesKoepfler, Jes A.; Shilton, Katie; Fleischmann, Kenneth R.
2008A Study of Digital Note Sharing in Nomadic GroupsSmit, Rob; Bogdan, Cristian; Rossitto, Chiara; Eklundh, Kerstin Severinson
2005A study of Online Discussions in an Open-Source Software Community: Reconstructing Thematic Coherence and Argumentation from Quotation PracticesBarcellini, Flore; Détienne, Françoise; Burkhardt, Jean-Marie; Sack, Warren
1989A Theory of Document Processing Machines - Praxiological and Cybernatical Appraoch to Information SystemsRawinski, Tomasz
2019Academic Library Managers’ Use of Artefacts in their Everyday Cooperative Work PracticesChatzipanagiotou, Niki
2005Acceptance and Utility of a Systematically Designed Virtual Community for Cancer PatientsLeimeister, Jan Marco; Krcmar, Helmut
2018Accountability in Brazilian Governmental Software Project: How Chat Technology enables Social Translucence in Bug Report ActivitiesTenório, Nelson; Pinto, Danieli; Bjørn, Pernille
2013Achieving Continuity of Care: A Study of the Challenges in a Danish and a US Hospital DepartmentMøller, Naja L. Holten
2009Active artifacts as bridges between context and community knowledge sourcesCabitza, Federico; Simone, Carla
1999Activity Awareness: Framework for sharing knowledge of people, projects, and placesHayashi, Koichi; Hazama, Tan; Nomura, Takahiko; Yamada, Toshifumi; Gudmundson, Stephan
2000An Activity-Oriented Approach to Visually Structured Knowledge Represenation for Problem-Based Learning in Virtual Learning EnvironmentsMiao, Y.; Holst, S.; Holmer, T.; Fleschutz, J.; Zentel, P.
2001Adaptability of classification schemes in cooperation: What does it mean?Simone, Carla; Sarini, Marcello
2019Adaptation of Clinical Information Infrastructures by and for UsersBansler, Jørgen P.
2003Adding Connectivity and Loosing Context with ICT: Contrasting learning situations from a community of practice perspectiveArnold, P.; Smith, J.D.
2007Advice Networks and Local Diffusion of Technological InnovationsBarahona, Juan Carlos; Pentland, Alex Sandy
1997Aether: An Awareness Engine for CSCWSandor, Ovidiu; Bogdan, Christian; Bowers, John
2015Ageing Well with CSCWLight, Ann; Leong, Tuck W.; Robertson, Toni
2012Agentville: supporting situational awareness and motivation in call centresColombino, Tommaso; Castellani, Stefania; Grasso, Antonietta; Willamowski, Jutta
2014Agony of Choice? Webforms for Selecting TitlesMarsden, Nicola