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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Beyond Bandwidth: Dimensions of Connection in Interpersonal CommunicationNardi, Bonnie A.
2007Beyond Boundary Objects: Collaborative Reuse in Aircraft Technical SupportLutters, Wayne G.; Ackerman, Mark S.
2019Beyond Cooperation: Three-Way Body Transfer Illusions For Physical PlaySypniewski, Jakub; Mitchell, Robb
2006Beyond Electronic Patient's File: Assisting Conversations in a Healthcare NetworkBénard, Valérie; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Zacklad, Manuel
2012Beyond Expertise Seeking: A Field Study of the Informal Knowledge Practices of Healthcare IT TeamsSpence, Patricia Ruma; Reddy, Madhu
2014Beyond Game Design for Broadening Participation: Building New Clubhouses of Computing for GirlsKafai, Yasmin B.; Burke, Quinn
1993Beyond Videophones: TeamWorkStation-2 for Narrowband ISDNIshii, Hiroshi; Arita, Kazuho; Yagi, Takashi
2014Beyond “Pink” and “Blue”: Gendered Attitudes towards Robots in SocietyWang, Yan; Young, James E.
2014Big Board: Teleconferencing Over Maps for Shared Situational AwarenessHeard, Jefferson; Thakur, Sidharth; Losego, Jessica; Galluppi, Ken
2017Biography of a Design Project through the Lens of a Facebook PageMenendez-Blanco, Maria; De Angeli, Antonella; Teli, Maurizio
2015Blended Spaces for CollaborationBenyon, David; Mival, Oli
2022Blending Practices to Facilitate Grounded Design Research: A Praxeological Research PerspectiveSyed, Hussain Abid; Schorch, Marén; Pinatti de Carvalho, Aparecido Fabiano; Rutz, Philipp; Pipek, Volkmar
2018Blockchain 4 EducationKolvenbach, Sabine; Ruland, Rudolf; Gräther, Wolfgang; Prinz, Wolfgang
2018Blockchain and CSCW – Shall we care?Prinz, Wolfgang
2018Blockchain for Education: Lifelong Learning PassportGräther, Wolfgang; Kolvenbach, Sabine; Ruland, Rudolf; Schütte, Julian; Torres, Christof; Wendland, Florian
2011Bloggers and Readers Blogging Together: Collaborative Co-creation of Political BlogsBaumer, Eric P. S.; Sueyoshi, Mark; Tomlinson, Bill
2016Bloggers’ Responses to the Snowden Affair: Combining Automated and Manual Methods in the Analysis of News BloggingElgesem, Dag; Feinerer, Ingo; Steskal, Lubos
1992Blurred partitions but thicker wallsSnellen, I.; Wyatt, S.
2001Bonnie Nardi and Vicki O'Day, Information Ecologies: Using Technology with HeartBowker, Geoffrey C.
2016Book ReviewLe Dantec, Christopher A.