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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Mastering Design Case Studies for Grounded DesignPinatti de Carvalho, Aprecido Fabiano
2019Material Manifestations of Dislocation and (Re)connectionSmit, Dorothé; Krischkowsky, Alina; Beuthel, Janne Mascha; Maurer, Bernhard; Fuchsberger, Verena; Murer, Martin; Tscheligi, Manfred; Devendorf, Laura; Zaman, BiekE; Nouwen, Marije; AAL, Konstantin
2019Materializing activismHansson, Karin; Pargman, Teresa Cerratto; Bardzell, Shaowen; Ganetz, Hillevi; Sveningsson, Malin; Sandgren, Maria
2021Materializing activismHansson, Karin; Pargman, Teresa Cerratto; Bardzell, Shaowen
2016“Matters of Concern” as Design OpportunitiesMenéndez-Blanco, María; De Angeli, Antonella
1999Meaning-making across remote sites: How delays in transmission affect interactionRuhleder, Karen; Jordan, Brigitte
2015Measures and Tools for Supporting ICT Appropriation by Elderly and Non Tech-Savvy Persons in a Long-Term PerspectiveMüller, Claudia; Hornung, Dominik; Hamm, Theodor; Wulf, Volker
2009Measuring self-focus bias in community-maintained knowledge repositoriesHecht, Brent; Gergle, Darren
1989Mechanisms of Cognitive Change in Peer Interaction: Implications for the Design of Computer Supported Cooperative Learning EnvironmentsJoiner, Richard; Blaye, Agnes
1999Media Production: Towards Creative Collaboration Using Communication NetworksBaker, Ellen; Geirland, John; Fisher, Tom; Chandler, Annmarie
1993Mediated collaborative research?Sanderson, Duncan
2006Mediated Communication Behavior in Distributed Networks of PracticeHustad, Eli
2019Mediating Environments and Objects as Knowledge InfrastructureHoeppe, Götz
2017Medication, integration and practiceBjørnstad, Camilla; Christensen, Bente; Ellingsen, Gunnar
1995Medium versus mechanism: Supporting collaboration through customisationBentley, Richard; Dourish, Paul
1999Meeting at the desktop: An empirical study of virtually collocated teamsMark, Gloria; Grudin, Jonathan; Poltrock, Steven E.
1999Meetings of the Board: The Impact of Scheduling Medium on Long Term Group Coordination in Software DevelopmentWhittaker, Steve; Schwarz, Heinrich
2006Memetic: An Infrastructure for Meeting MemoryShum, Simon Buckingham; Slack, Roger; Daw, Michael; Juby, Ben; Rowley, Andrew; Bachler, Michelle; Mancini, Clara; Michaelides, Danius T.; Procter, Rob; Roure, David De; Chown, Tim; Hewitt, Terry
1997MetaWeb: Bringing synchronous groupware to the World Wide WebTrevor, Jonathan; Koch, Thomas; Woetzel, Gerd
2000A Method for Designing Cooperative Distributed ApplicationsDalmau, M.; Aniorté, P.; Roose, P.