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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Let’s Look Outside the Office: Analytical Lens Unpacking Collaborative Relationships in Global WorkMatthiesen, Stina; Bjørn, Pernille
2009Leveraging Coordinative Conventions to Promote Collaboration AwarenessCabitza, Federico; Simone, Carla; Sarini, Marcello
2009Leveraging social software for social networking and community development at eventsFarnham, Shelly D.; Brown, Peter T.; Schwartz, Jordan L.K.
2015Life After Weight Loss: Design Implications for Community-based Long-term Weight ManagementWang, Jing; Shih, Patrick C.; Carroll, John M.
2016The Life and Death of Design IdeasBratteteig, Tone; Rolstad, Ole Kristian; Wagner, Ina
2007Life in the Times of Whypox: A Virtual Epidemic as a Community EventKafai, Yasmin B.; Feldon, David; Fields, Deborah; Giang, Michael; Quintero, Maria
2019A Lightweight Tool for Measuring the Impact of IT Security Controls in Critical InfrastructuresSekulla, André; Giatagantzidis, Jiannis; Dax, Julian; Pipek, Volkmar
2016Listening to the Walkable CityWillis, Max; Christ, Melissa Cate
2019Living Labs Reconsidered for Community Building and MaintenanceTellioğlu, Hilda; Wagner, Marlene; Habiger, Michael; Mikusch, Gerfried
2005Local Communities: Relationships between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ social capitalLiff, Sonia
2016Local Decision Making as a Design OpportunityBertelsen, Olav W.
2005Local expertise at an emergency call centreNormark, Maria; Randall, Dave
2007Local Groups Online: Political Learning and ParticipationKavanaugh, Andrea L.; Zin, Than Than; Rosson, Mary Beth; Carroll, John M.; Schmitz, Joseph; Kim, B. Joon
2005Local Virtuality in an Organization: Implications for Community of PracticeQuan-Haase, Anabel; Wellman, Barry
2019Location-based Information Sharing for Neighbourhood ParticipationSlingerland, Geertje; Lukosch, Stephan; Brazier, Frances
2019Longitudinal analysis of a #boycott movement on Indian online platforms: Case of collective action and online boycottPrabhat, Shantanu; Motwani, Aditya; Rangaswamy, Nimmi
2008Longstanding Success without Awareness Features: Lessons from a Collaborative Programming ToolBogdan, Cristian
2006Loose Coupling and Healthcare Organizations: Deployment Strategies for GroupwarePinelle, David; Gutwin, Carl
1993Low Overhead, Loosely Coupled Communication Channels in CollaborationPatel, Dorab; Kalter, Scott D.
2017The Ludic Takes WorkKoutsouras, Panagiotis; Martindale, Sarah; Crabtree, Andy