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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Agentville: supporting situational awareness and motivation in call centresColombino, Tommaso; Castellani, Stefania; Grasso, Antonietta; Willamowski, Jutta
2004Ambiguities, Awareness and Economy: A Study of Emergency Service WorkPettersson, Mårten; Randall, Dave; Helgeson, Bo
2008‘Colour, it’s just a constant problem’: an examination of practice, infrastructure and workflow in colour printingMartin, David; O'Neill, Jacki; Colombino, Tommaso; Roulland, Frederic; Willamowski, Jutta
2009Communication and Diagnostic Work in Medical Emergency Calls in ItalyPaoletti, Isabella
2011Computer Interaction Analysis: Toward an Empirical Approach to Understanding User Practice and Eye Gaze in GUI-Based InteractionMoore, Robert J.; Churchill, Elizabeth F.
2009Designing Technology as an Embedded Resource for TroubleshootingCastellani, Stefania; Grasso, Antonietta; O’Neill, Jacki; Roulland, Frederic
2009Diagnostic Reasoning in the Use of Travel Management SystemArminen, Ilkka; Poikus, Piia
1994“Do Winograd and Flores have politics?”Bogen, David
2007Doing Virtually Nothing: Awareness and Accountability in Massively Multiplayer Online WorldsMoore, Robert J.; Ducheneaut, Nicolas; Nickell, Eric
2014Ethnography in parallelGajera, Rinku; O’Neill, Jacki
2007How Can I Help You? Call Centres, Classification Work and CoordinationMartin, David; O’neill, Jacki; Randall, Dave; Rouncefield, Mark
263-280, Graham; Harper, Richard
2010Knowing the Way. Managing Epistemic Topologies in Virtual Game WorldsBennerstedt, Ulrika; Ivarsson, Jonas
2010Knowledge Management in Locating the Patient in an Emergency Medical Service in ItalyDovigo, Fabio; Redaelli, Ilaria
2014Lessons Learnt Working with Performance Data in Call CentresColombino, Tommaso; Hanrahan, Benjamin; Castellani, Stefania
2005Moving with the Times: IT Research and the Boundaries of CSCWCrabtree, Andy; Rodden, Tom; Benford, Steve
1994On making explicitLynch, Michael
2013Reflections on 25 Years of Ethnography in CSCWBlomberg, Jeanette; Karasti, Helena
2018Room for Silence: Ebola Research, Pluralism and the Pragmatic Study of Sociomaterial PracticesHoleman, Isaac
2009Testing in the Wild: The Social and Organisational Dimensions of Real World PracticeRooksby, John; Rouncefield, Mark; Sommerville, Ian