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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Agorà 2.0: designing hybrid communitiesPucci, Emilia Louisa; Mulder, Ingrid
2019Al Osool: Understanding information behavior for community development at Za’atari Syrian refugee campFisher, Karen E.; Yafi, Eiad; Maitland, Carleen; Xu, Ying; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2004Ambiguities, Awareness and Economy: A Study of Emergency Service WorkPettersson, Mårten; Randall, Dave; Helgeson, Bo
2011Artefactual Multiplicity: A Study of Emergency-Department WhiteboardsBjørn, Pernille; Hertzum, Morten
2007Boundary Negotiating Artifacts: Unbinding the Routine of Boundary Objects and Embracing Chaos in Collaborative WorkLee, Charlotte P.
2013Concealment of Emotion in an Emergency Room: Expanding Design for Emotion AwarenessMentis, Helena M.; Reddy, Madhu; Rosson, Mary Beth
2017Design for Existential Crisis in the Anthropocene AgeLight, Ann; Powell, Alison; Shklovski, Irina; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
1994Ethnography and designGrudin, Jonathan; Grinter, Rebecca E.
2014Ethnography in parallelGajera, Rinku; O’Neill, Jacki
2011Investigating the Role of a Large, Shared Display in Multi-Display EnvironmentsWallace, James R.; Scott, Stacey D.; Lai, Eugene; Jajalla, Deon
2015Lend me sugar, I am your neighbor!: a content analysis of online forums for local communitiesLópez, Claudia; Farzan, Rosta; Avram, Gabriela; De Cindio, Fiorella; Pipek, Volkmar
2011Mail2Wiki: Low-cost Sharing and Early Curation from Email to WikisHanrahan, Ben; Bouchard, Guillaume; Convertino, Gregorio; Weksteen, Thiebaud; Kong, Nicholas; Archambeau, Cedric; Chi, Ed H.
2014Nomadic Work: Romance and Reality. A Response to Barbara Czarniawska’s ‘Nomadic Work as Life-Story Plot’Büscher, Monika
2008Online Social Support: Benefits of an Interdisciplinary Approach for Studying and Designing Cooperative Computer-Mediated SolutionsLewkowicz, Myriam; Marcoccia, Michel; Atifi, Hassan; Bénel, Aurélien; Gaglio, Gérald; Gauducheau, Nadia; Tixier, Matthieu
2002Physical and Virtual Tools: Activity Theory Applied to the Design of GroupwareFjeld, Morten; Lauche, Kristina; Bichsel, Martin; Voorhorst, Fred; Krueger, Helmut; Rauterberg, Matthias
2002Provocative AwarenessGaver, Bill
2015Reflections and Encounters: Exploring Awareness in an Academic EnvironmentVyas, Dhaval; Dix, Alan; Veer, Gerrit C.
2003The Appropriation of Interactive Technologies: Some Lessons from Placeless DocumentsDourish, Paul
2001The Communication Bottleneck in Knitwear Design: Analysis and Computing SolutionsEckert, Claudia
2003The Gift of the Gab?: A Design Oriented Sociology of Young People's Use of MobilesTaylor, Alex S.; Harper, Richard