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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A View of Software Development Environments Based on Activity TheoryBarthelmess, P.; Anderson, K.M.
2002Activity Theory and Distributed Cognition: Or What Does CSCW Need to DO with Theories?Halverson, Christine A.
2002Activity Theory and System Design: A View from the TrenchesCollins, Patricia; Shukla, Shilpa; Redmiles, David
2002Articulating User Needs in Collaborative Design: Towards an Activity-Theoretical ApproachMiettinen, Reijo; Hasu, Mervi
2005Collaboration Among Designers: Analysing an Activity for System DevelopmentLauche, Kristina
1999Expansive Visibilization of Work: An Activity-Theoretical PerspectiveEngeström, Yrjö
2002Information Systems Development as an ActivityKorpela, Mikko; Mursu, Anja; Soriyan, H.A.
2002NetWORKers and their Activity in Intensional NetworksNardi, Bonnie A.; Whittaker, Steve; Schwarz, Heinrich
2002Physical and Virtual Tools: Activity Theory Applied to the Design of GroupwareFjeld, Morten; Lauche, Kristina; Bichsel, Martin; Voorhorst, Fred; Krueger, Helmut; Rauterberg, Matthias
2002Realist Activity Theory for Digital Library Evaluation: Conceptual Framework and Case StudySpasser, Mark A.
2017Remix Portal: Connecting Classrooms with Local Music CommunitiesDodds, Colin; Kharrufa, Ahmed; Preston, Anne; Preston, Catherine; Olivier, Patrick; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2002Steps Across the Border – Cooperation, Knowledge Production and Systems DesignClases, Christoph; Wehner, Theo