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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997A Collaborative Schema Integration SystemBeynon-Davies, P.; Bonde, L.; McPhee, D.; Jones, C.B.
2000A Coordination Language For Building Collaborative ApplicationsCortes, Mauricio
2008A Multi-Versioning Scheme for Intention Preservation in Collaborative Editing Systems*Xue, Liyin; Orgun, Mehmet A.; Zhang, Kang
1993A new architecture for a collaborative authoring systemMcAlpine, Keith; Golder, Paul
2013A Review of 25 Years of CSCW Research in Healthcare: Contributions, Challenges and Future AgendasFitzpatrick, Geraldine; Ellingsen, Gunnar
2010An Admissibility-Based Operational Transformation Framework for Collaborative Editing SystemsLi, Du; Li, Rui
2008Between casual commitment and cross-media articulation – the faith of the NapkinBødker, Susanne; Petersen, Anja Bechmann
1992Blurred partitions but thicker wallsSnellen, I.; Wyatt, S.
2012Bridging Artifacts and Actors: Expertise Sharing in Organizational EcosystemsPipek, Volkmar; Wulf, Volker; Johri, Aditya
2004Building Connections among Loosely Coupled Groups: Hebb’s Rule at WorkCarter, S.; Mankoff, J.; Goddi, P.
2001Co-Constructing Non-Mutual Realities: Delay-Generated Trouble in Distributed InteractionRuhleder, Karen; Jordan, Brigitte
1992Collaboration and control - Crisis management and multimedia technology in London Underground Line Control RoomsHeath, Christian; Luff, Paul
1994Collaborative document annotation using electronic mailDiaper, Dan; Beer, Martin
2013Community engagement for research: contextual design in rural CSCW system developmentChamberlain, Alan; Crabtree, Andy; Davies, Mark
1998Computing, Social Activity, and Entertainment: A Field Study of a Game MUDMuramatsu, Jack; Ackerman, Mark S.
1993Considering privacy in the development of multi-media communicationsClement, Andrew
2013Constructing CSCW: The First Quarter CenturySchmidt, Kjeld; Bannon, Liam
2019Crowd Dynamics: Conflicts, Contradictions, and Community in CrowdsourcingHansson, Karin; Ludwig, Thomas
2017Data Work: How Energy Advisors and Clients Make IoT Data AccountableFischer, Joel E.; Crabtree, Andy; Colley, James A.; Rodden, Tom; Costanza, Enrico
2015Deploying and Visualising Teacher’s Scripts of Small Group Activities in a Multi-surface Classroom Ecology: a Study in-the-wildMartinez-Maldonado, Roberto; Clayphan, Andrew; Kay, Judy