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1984TEXTNET: A Network-Based Approach to Text HandlingTrigg, Randall H.; Weiser, Mark
1984Tradeoffs in Designing Organizations: Implications for New Forms of Human Organizations and Computer SystemsMalone, Thomas W.; Smith, Stephen A.
1984An Office Information System based on Intelligent FormsEllis, Clarence A.
1984An Office Study: Its Implications on the Understanding of OrganizationsBarber, Gerald R.
1984Team Tools for TeamworkPouzin, Louis
1984Transcript of the Workshop on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work-
1984Task Support in an Office SystemCroft, W. Bruce; Lefkowitz, Lawrence S.
1989The Elementary-Pragmatic Model: A Possible Approach for Setting Up User ModelBison, Ivano; Colazzo, Luigi; Malinverni, Daniela; Mich, Luisa
1989CoNeX: Coordination and Negotiation Support for Expert Teams in Project ManagementHahn, Udo; Jarke, Matthias
1989Modelling Group Communication Structures: Analysing four European projectsHennessy, Pippa; Benford, Steve; Bowers, John
1989The Psychology of Cooperation - Consequences of Descriptions. The power of creative dialoguesHoland, Unni; Danielsen, Thore
1989Aspects of cooperation in a Distributed Problem Solving environmentNylund, Arne
1989Considerations for a Framework for CATeam ResearchKrcmar, Helmut
1989The 'Labratory for Cooperation Technologies' and Italian Initiatives on Computer-Supported Cooperative WorkSchäl, Thomas; Zeller, Buni
1989Inter-Organizational Information Systems as a Tool for Computer-Supported Co-Operative WorkSuomi, Reima
1989Relevance of the X.500 Directory to CSCW ApplicationsPrinz, Wolfgang; Pennelli, Paola
1989Requirements of Activity ManagementBenford, Steve
1989Computer Aided Modelling of Costs in the Road Haulage TransportKubiak, Bernard
1989A Theory of Document Processing Machines - Praxiological and Cybernatical Appraoch to Information SystemsRawinski, Tomasz
1989Approaching Group Communication by means of an Office Building MetaphorMadsen, Christian M.