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1991Distributed Computing and Organisational Change Enable Concurrent EngineeringFrontczak, Susan; Miner, Kathy
1991Riding a Tiger, or Computer Supported Cooperative WorkSchmidt, Kjeld
1991Questioning RepresentationsRobinson, Mike; Bannon, Liam
1991ClearFace: Translucent Multiuser Interface for TeamWorkStationIshii, Hiroshi; Arita, Kazuho
1991A Model for Real-Time Co-operationDePaoli, Flavio; Tisato, Francesco
1991An Analysis of Design and Collaboration in a Distributed EnvironmentMarmolin, Hans; Sundblad, Yngve; Pehrson, Björn
1991Speech acts or communicative action?Dietz, Jan; Widdershoven, G.
1991Boosting Connectivity in a Student generated Collaborative DatabaseWard, Douglas
1991The concept of activity as a basic unit of analysis for CSCW researchKuutti, Kari
1991Panel: Organisational MemoryConklin, Jeff; Star, Susan Leigh
1991PEPYS: Generating Autobiographies by Automatic TrackingNewman, William; Eldridge, Margery
1991Office systems development and gender: Implications for Computer-Supported Co-operative WorkGreen, Eileen; Owen, Jenny; Pain, Den
1991Collaborative Activity and Technological Design: Task Coordination in London Underground Control RoomsHeath, Christian; Luff, Paul
1991CSCW: Discipline or Paradigm? A Sociological PerspectiveHughes, John; Randall, Dave; Shapiro, Dan
1991Personalisable groupware: Accommodating individual roles and group differencesGreenberg, Saul
1991Sound Support for CollaborationGaver, William
1991Participation frameworks for computer mediated communicationJirotka, Marina; Luff, Paul; Gilbert, Nigel
1991Being Selectively Aware with the Khronika SystemLövstrand, Lennart
1991CSCW and Distributed Systems: The Problem of ControlRodden, Tom; Blair, Gordon