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2019Al Osool: Understanding information behavior for community development at Za’atari Syrian refugee campFisher, Karen E.; Yafi, Eiad; Maitland, Carleen; Xu, Ying; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Artful Integrations of Infrastructures by Community-based TelecomsBidwell, Nicola J.; Densmore, Melissa; Zyl, André van; Belur, Sarbani Banerjee; Pace, Nicolas; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Because nothing is more normal than diversity: Implementing diversity in HCI educationRohde, Markus; Marsden, Nicola; Raudonat, Kerstin; Hauptmeier, Helmut; Ahmadi, Michael; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Bridging cultural heritage and communities through digital technologies: Understanding perspectives and challengesGiglitto, Danilo; Ciolfi, Luigina; Claisse, Caroline; Lockley, Eleanor; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019A Call For Embedding Dignity In Humanitarian TechnologiesTalhouk, Reem; Montague, Kyle; Garbett, Andrew; Araújo-Soares, Vera; Akik, Chaza; Ghattas, Hala; Ahmad, Balsam; Balaam, Madeline; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2017Centralized Crowdsourcing in Disaster Management: Findings and ImplicationsAuferbauer, D.; Tellioğlu, Hilda; Lewkowicz, Myriam; Rohde, Markus; Mulder, Ingrid; Schuler, Douglas
2019Civic Data Literacies for Bottom-up Data InnovationWolff, Annika; Knutas, Antti; Palacin, Victoria; Seidelin, Cathrine; Kun, Peter; Mulder, Ingrid; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Co-Creating “Smart” Sustainable Food Futures with Urban Food GrowersHeitlinger, Sara; Clarke, Rachel; Clear, Adrian K.; Chopra, Simran; Dilaver, Özge; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Co-Design as a Means of Fostering Appropriation of Conservation Monitoring Technology by Indigenous CommunitiesMuashekele, Chris; Winschiers-Theophilus, Heike; Kapuire, Gereon Koch; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Co-Discovering Common Ground in a Collaborative Community: The BoostINNO Participatory Collaboration Mapping CaseMoor, Aldo de; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Collective Consciousness: What could this mean and how do we research and design (with) it?Grunewald, Philipp; Roberts, Shadrock; Hedges, Mark; Buchana, Paul; Liddo, Anna De; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Comic-based Digital Storytelling for Self-expression: an Exploratory Case-Study with MigrantsRutta, Carolina Beniamina; Schiavo, Gianluca; Zancanaro, Massimo; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Conflict and Belonging: Socially engaged art practice as a resource for resilience-building in rurban communitiesMurray, Maria; Pantidi, Nadia; Hogan, Trevor; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Critical Making With and For CommunitiesSipos, Regina; Wenzelmann, Victoria; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Design for Healthy Horizons in a Local Community: Digital relations in a neighbourhood with health challengesKanstrup, Anne Marie; Bertelsen, Pernille; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Designing for Openness in Making: Lessons Learned from a Digital Project WeekAhmadi, Michael; Weibert, Anne; Wenzelmann, Victoria; Aal, Konstantin; Gäckle, Kristian; Wulf, Volker; Marsden, Nicola; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Designing Picturebook Apps: Valuing Culture & CommunityMeyers, Eric M.; Nathan, Lisa P.; Tulloch, Bonnie; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Digital Audiovisual Heritage: An Exploration of Challenges and A Community-based Approach to PreservationLiew, Chern Li; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Digital Design Considerations for Volunteer Recruitment: Making the Implicit Promises of Volunteering More ExplicitThomas, Lisa; Pritchard, Gary; Briggs, Pam; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda
2019Digital Relations among Youth with Cognitive Disabilities: A field study of technology use for developing and maintaining social relationsAndreasen, Ditte Lystbæk; Kanstrup, Anne Marie; Cech, Florian; Tellioğlu, Hilda