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1989Building Conversations Using MailtraysRodden, Tom; Sommerville, Ian
1993COLA: a Lightweight Platform for CSCWTrevor, Jonathan; Rodden, Tom; Blair, Gordon
1994Cola: A lightweight platform for CSCWTrevor, Jonathan; Rodden, Tom; Blair, Gordon
2004Configuring the Ubiquitous HomeRodden, Tom; Crabtree, Andy; Hemmings, Terry; Koleva, Boriana; Humble, Jan; Åkesson, Karl-Petter; Hansson, Pär
1995Contact: Support for Distributed Cooperative WritingKirby, Andrew; Rodden, Tom
1991CSCW and Distributed Systems: The Problem of ControlRodden, Tom; Blair, Gordon
2017Data Work: How Advisors and Clients Make IoT Data AccountableFischer, Joel E; Crabtree, Andy; Colley, James A; Rodden, Tom; Costanza, Enrico
2017Data Work: How Energy Advisors and Clients Make IoT Data AccountableFischer, Joel E.; Crabtree, Andy; Colley, James A.; Rodden, Tom; Costanza, Enrico
2004Domestic Routines and Design for the HomeCrabtree, Andy; Rodden, Tom
2001Finding patterns in the fieldworkMartin, David; Rodden, Tom; Rouncefield, Mark; Sommerville, Ian; Viller, Stephen
2003Informing the Development of Calendar Systems for Domestic UseCrabtree, Andy; Hemmings, Terry; Rodden, Tom; Mariani, John
1994An Integrated View of COMICRodden, Tom
2007Making the Home Network at Home: Digital HousekeepingTolmie, Peter; Crabtree, Andy; Rodden, Tom; Greenhalgh, Chris; Benford, Steve
2005Moving with the Times: IT Research and the Boundaries of CSCWCrabtree, Andy; Rodden, Tom; Benford, Steve
1995Multimedia Support of Collaboration in a Teleservice TeamKristoffersen, Steinar; Rodden, Tom
1999PSI: A Platform for Shared InteractionPalfreyman, Kevin; Rodden, Tom; Trevor, Jonathan
2012Pursuing Leisure: Reflections on Theme Park VisitingDurrant, Abigail; Kirk, David S.; Benford, Steve; Rodden, Tom
2006Special Issue: Collaboration in e-ResearchJirotka, Marina; Procter, Rob; Rodden, Tom; Bowker, Geoffrey C.
1993The Designers' Notepad: Supporting and Understanding Cooperative DesignTwidale, Michael; Rodden, Tom; Sommerville, Ian
2005Ways of the handsKirk, David; Crabtree, Andy; Rodden, Tom