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2011Agile Project Management: A Case Study of a Virtual Research Environment Development ProjectProcter, Rob; Rouncefield, Mark; Poschen, Meik; Lin, Yuwei; Voss, Alex
2003Dependable Red Hot ActionClarke, Karen; Hughes, John; Martin, Dave; Rouncefield, Mark; Sommerville, Ian; Gurr, Corin; Hartswood, Mark; Procter, Rob; Slack, Roger; Voss, Alex
2003Making a Case in Medical Work: Implications for the Electronic Medical RecordHartswood, Mark; Procter, Rob; Rouncefield, Mark; Slack, Roger
2006Memetic: An Infrastructure for Meeting MemoryShum, Simon Buckingham; Slack, Roger; Daw, Michael; Juby, Ben; Rowley, Andrew; Bachler, Michelle; Mancini, Clara; Michaelides, Danius T.; Procter, Rob; Roure, David De; Chown, Tim; Hewitt, Terry
2003‘Repairing’ the Machine: A Case Study of the Evaluation of Computer-Aided Detection Tools in Breast ScreeningHartswood, Mark; Procter, Rob; Slack, Roger; Soutter, James; Voss, Alex; Rouncefield, Mark
2006Special Issue: Collaboration in e-ResearchJirotka, Marina; Procter, Rob; Rodden, Tom; Bowker, Geoffrey C.
2006Special Issue: CSCW and Dependable Healthcare SystemsProcter, Rob; Rouncefield, Mark; Balka, Ellen; Berg, Marc
2016Telecare Call Centre Work and Ageing in PlaceProcter, Rob; Wherton, Joe; Greenhalgh, Trish; Sugarhood, Paul; Rouncefield, Mark; Hinder, Sue
2014The Day-to-Day Co-Production of Ageing in PlaceProcter, Rob; Greenhalgh, Trisha; Wherton, Joe; Sugarhood, Paul; Rouncefield, Mark; Hinder, Sue