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2006Achieving Dependability in the Configuration, Integration and Testing of Healthcare TechnologiesMartin, David; Hartswood, Mark; Slack, Roger; Voss, Alex
2007Asymmetrical collaboration in print shop-customer relationshipsO'Neill, Jacki; Martin, David; Colombino, Tommaso; Watts-Perotti, Jennifer; Sprague, Mary Ann; Woolfe, Geoffrey
2008‘Colour, it’s just a constant problem’: an examination of practice, infrastructure and workflow in colour printingMartin, David; O'Neill, Jacki; Colombino, Tommaso; Roulland, Frederic; Willamowski, Jutta
2016“The Device Is Not Well Designed for Me” on the Use of Activity Trackers in the Workplace?Masson, Cécile Boulard; Martin, David; Colombino, Tommaso; Grasso, Antonietta
2001Finding patterns in the fieldworkMartin, David; Rodden, Tom; Rouncefield, Mark; Sommerville, Ian; Viller, Stephen
2007How Can I Help You? Call Centres, Classification Work and CoordinationMartin, David; O’neill, Jacki; Randall, Dave; Rouncefield, Mark
1999Informing collaborative information visualisation through an ethnography of ambulance controlBowers, John; Martin, David
2019Investigating the Amazon Mechanical Turk Market Through Tool DesignHanrahan, Benjamin V.; Martin, David; Willamowski, Jutta; Carroll, John M.
2009Talking about (my) Generation': Creativity, Practice, Technology & TalkMartin, David; O'Neill, Jacki; Randall, Dave
2016Turking in a Global Labour MarketMartin, David; O’Neill, Jacki; Gupta, Neha; Hanrahan, Benjamin V.