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2000A Tale of Two Toolkits: Relating Infrastructure and Use in Flexible CSCW ToolkitsDourish, Paul; Edwards, W. Keith
2005Book Review: Social Thinking – Software Practice, Yvonne Dittrich, Christiane Floyd and Ralf Klischewski (eds.), MIT PressDourish, Paul
2005Book review: The Locales Framework: Understanding and Designing for Wicked Problems, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, (ed.), The Kluwer International Series on Computer Supported Cooperative Work 2003, 254 pp. Hardcover ISBN: 1-4020-1190-3Dourish, Paul
2001Coordinating heterogeneous work: Information and representation in medical careReddy, Madhu C.; Dourish, Paul; Pratt, Wanda
1993Culture and Control in a Media SpaceDourish, Paul
1998Introduction: The State of PlayDourish, Paul
1995Medium versus mechanism: Supporting collaboration through customisationBentley, Richard; Dourish, Paul
2015Supporting Appropriation Work: A Workshop ReportDittrich, Yvonne; Dourish, Paul; Morch, Anders; Pipek, Volkmar; Stevens, Gunnar; Toerpel, Bettina
1999Taking the work out of workflow: Mechanisms for document-centered collaborationLaMarca, Anthony; Edwards, Keith; Dourish, Paul; Lamping, John; Smith, Ian; Thornton, Jim
2006Temporality in Medical Work: Time also MattersReddy, Madhu C.; Dourish, Paul; Pratt, Wanda
2003The Appropriation of Interactive Technologies: Some Lessons from Placeless DocumentsDourish, Paul
1995The Parting of the Ways: Divergence, Data Management and Collaborative WorkDourish, Paul
1996Your place or mine? Learning from long-term use of Audio-Video communicationDourish, Paul; Adler, Annette; Bellotti, Victoria; Henderson, Austin