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1995A General Multi-User Undo/Redo ModelChoudhary, Rajiv; Dewan, Prasun
1999An experiment in interoperating heterogeneous collaborative systemsDewan, Prasun; Sharma, Anshu
2001An Integrated Approach to Designing and Evaluating Collaborative Applications and InfrastructuresDewan, Prasun
2018Exploring the Impact of Video on Inferred Difficulty AwarenessCarter, Jason; Pichiliani, Mauro Carlos; Dewan, Prasun
2018Extending the Gmail User-Interface to Leverage Prediction of Response Times and Hierarchical RecipientsLi, Danwei; Bartel, Jacob; Dewan, Prasun
2001Flexible support for application-sharing architectureChung, Goopeel; Dewan, Prasun
2005Formally analyzing two-user centralized and replicated architecturesJunuzovic, Sasa; Chung, Goopeel; Dewan, Prasun
2018Introduction to ECSCW 2018Ignat, Claudia-Lavinia; Bjørn, Pernille; Dewan, Prasun
2018Lacomo: A Layer to Develop Collaborative Mobile ApplicationsPichiliani, Mauro Carlos; Dewan, Prasun; Hirata, Celso Massaki
2015Mining Programming Activity to Promote HelpCarter, Jason; Dewan, Prasun
2011Mixed-Initiative Friend-List CreationBacon, Kelli; Dewan, Prasun
2008Preface to the Special Issue on ‘Consistency Management in Synchronous Collaboration’Dewan, Prasun
2007Semi-Synchronous Conflict Detection and Resolution in Asynchronous Software DevelopmentDewan, Prasun; Hegde, Rajesh
2005Supporting high coupling and user-interface flexibilityRoussev, Vassil; Dewan, Prasun
2018Towards Evolutionary Named Group RecommendationsBartel, Jacob W.; Dewan, Prasun