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2005Community-based learning: Design patterns and frameworksCarroll, John M.; Farooq, Umer
2010Creative Collective Efficacy in Scientific CommunitiesWang, Jing; Farooq, Umer; Carroll, John M.
2005Information Technology in Support of Public DeliberationKavanaugh, Andrea L.; Isenhour, Philip L.; Cooper, Matthew; Carroll, John M.; Rosson, Mary Beth; Schmitz, Joseph
2019Investigating the Amazon Mechanical Turk Market Through Tool DesignHanrahan, Benjamin V.; Martin, David; Willamowski, Jutta; Carroll, John M.
2015Life After Weight Loss: Design Implications for Community-based Long-term Weight ManagementWang, Jing; Shih, Patrick C.; Carroll, John M.
2007Local Groups Online: Political Learning and ParticipationKavanaugh, Andrea L.; Zin, Than Than; Rosson, Mary Beth; Carroll, John M.; Schmitz, Joseph; Kim, B. Joon
2005Minimalist Design for Informal Learning in Community ComputingRosson, Mary Beth; Carroll, John M.
2004Participatory Design of Community Information Systems - The Designer as BardCarroll, John M.
2009Social capital, social network and identity bonds: a reconceptualizationJiang, Hao; Carroll, John M.
2007Supporting Community Emergency Management Planning through a Geocollaboration Software ArchitectureSchafer, Wendy A.; Ganoe, Craig H.; Carroll, John M.
2009wConnect: a facebook-based developmental learning community to support women in information technologyRosson, Mary Beth; Carroll, John M.; Zhao, Dejin; Paone, Timothy