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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997Aether: An Awareness Engine for CSCWSandor, Ovidiu; Bogdan, Christian; Bowers, John
2003Assembling History: Achieving Coherent Experiences with Diverse TechnologiesFraser, Mike; Stanton, Danaë; Ng, Kher Hui; Benford, Steve; O’Malley, Claire; Bowers, John; Taxén, Gustav; Ferris, Kieran; Hindmarsh, Jon
2009Bridging, Patching and Keeping the Work Flowing: Defect Resolution in Distributed Software DevelopmentAvram, Gabriela; Bannon, Liam; Bowers, John; Sheehan, Anne; Sullivan, Daniel K.
1999Broadcasting on-line social interaction as inhabited televisionBenford, Steve; Greenhalgh, Chris; Craven, Mike; Walker, Graham; Regan, Tim; Morphett, Jason; Wyver, John; Bowers, John
2001Collaboratively improvising magic: An approach to managing participation in an on-line dramaDrozd, Adam; Bowers, John; Benford, Steve; Greenhalgh, Chris; Fraser, Mike
1994A Conceptual Framework for Describing OrganizationsBowers, John
2004Designing Mixed Media Artefacts for Public SettingsTaxén, Gustav; Bowers, John; Hellström, Sten-Olof; Tobiasson, Helena
1999Informing collaborative information visualisation through an ethnography of ambulance controlBowers, John; Martin, David
1989Modelling Group Communication Structures: Analysing four European projectsHennessy, Pippa; Benford, Steve; Bowers, John
2001On finding things out: Situating organisational knowledge in CSCWGroth, Kristina; Bowers, John
2007Tuning In: Challenging Design for Communities through a Field Study of Radio AmateursBogdan, Christian; Bowers, John
1995Workflow From Within and Without: Technology and Cooperative Work on the Print Industry ShopfloorBowers, John; Button, Graham; Sharrock, Wes