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1993A Spatial Model of Interaction in Large Virtual EnvironmentsBenford, Steve; Fahlén, Lennart
2003Assembling History: Achieving Coherent Experiences with Diverse TechnologiesFraser, Mike; Stanton, Danaë; Ng, Kher Hui; Benford, Steve; O’Malley, Claire; Bowers, John; Taxén, Gustav; Ferris, Kieran; Hindmarsh, Jon
1999Broadcasting on-line social interaction as inhabited televisionBenford, Steve; Greenhalgh, Chris; Craven, Mike; Walker, Graham; Regan, Tim; Morphett, Jason; Wyver, John; Bowers, John
2001Collaboratively improvising magic: An approach to managing participation in an on-line dramaDrozd, Adam; Bowers, John; Benford, Steve; Greenhalgh, Chris; Fraser, Mike
1994Computable Models and Prototypes of InteractionBenford, Steve; Bullock, Adrian; Fuchs, Ludwin; Mariani, John
2006Developing Digital Records: Early Experiences of Record and ReplayCrabtree, Andy; French, Andrew; Greenhalgh, Chris; Benford, Steve; Cheverst, Keith; Fitton, Dan; Rouncefield, Mark; Graham, Connor
2011Flypad: Designing Trajectories in a Large-Scale Permanent Augmented Reality InstallationFlintham, Martin; Reeves, Stuart; Brundell, Patrick; Glover, Tony; Benford, Steve; Rowland, Duncan; Koleva, Boriana; Greenhalgh, Chris; Adams, Matt; Tandavanitj, Nick; Farr, Ju Row
1997Introducing Third Party Objects into the Spatial Model of InteractionBenford, Steve; Greenhalgh, Chris
2007Making the Home Network at Home: Digital HousekeepingTolmie, Peter; Crabtree, Andy; Rodden, Tom; Greenhalgh, Chris; Benford, Steve
1989Modelling Group Communication Structures: Analysing four European projectsHennessy, Pippa; Benford, Steve; Bowers, John
2005Moving with the Times: IT Research and the Boundaries of CSCWCrabtree, Andy; Rodden, Tom; Benford, Steve
2012Pursuing Leisure: Reflections on Theme Park VisitingDurrant, Abigail; Kirk, David S.; Benford, Steve; Rodden, Tom
1993Requirements and Metaphors of Shared InteractionBenford, Steve; Mariani, John
1989Requirements of Activity ManagementBenford, Steve
1997Staging a Public Poetry Performance in a Collaborative Virtual EnvironmentBenford, Steve; Greenhalgh, Chris; Snowdon, Dave; Bullock, Adrian
2007The Cooperative Work of Gaming: Orchestrating a Mobile SMS GameCrabtree, Andy; Benford, Steve; Capra, Mauricio; Flintham, Martin; Drozd, Adam; Tandavanitj, Nick; Adams, Matt; Row Farr, Ju
1999The properties of mixed reality boundariesKoleva, Boriana; Benford, Steve; Greenhalgh, Chris
2013Understanding Mobile Notification Management in Collocated GroupsFischer, Joel E.; Reeves, Stuart; Moran, Stuart; Greenhalgh, Chris; Benford, Steve; Rennick-Egglestone, Stefan
1995Virtual Reality Tele-conferencing: Implementation and ExperienceGreenhalgh, Chris; Benford, Steve