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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Lest we forget - The European field study tradition and the issue of conditions of work in CSCW researchBannon, Liam; Schmidt, Kjeld; Wagner, Ina
2016The Life and Death of Design IdeasBratteteig, Tone; Rolstad, Ole Kristian; Wagner, Ina
2013Moving healthcare to the home: the work to make homecare workBratteteig, Tone; Wagner, Ina
1997Negotiating Boundaries. Configuration Management in Software Development TeamsTellioğlu, Hilda; Wagner, Ina
1992Negotiating temporal ordersEgger, Edeltraud; Wagner, Ina
1993Networking actors and organisationsWagner, Ina
2004Ordering Systems: Coordinative Practices and Artifacts in Architectural Design and PlanningSchmidt, Kjeld; Wagner, Ina
1993Preface to the special issue of computer supported cooperative work (CSCW) on ‘networking’Clement, Andrew; Wagner, Ina
2003Supporting Collaboration Ubiquitously: An augmented learning environment for architecture studentsIacucci, Giulio; Wagner, Ina
2009Supporting community engagement in the city: urban planning in the MR-tentWagner, Ina; Basile, Maria; Ehrenstrasser, Lisa; Maquil, Valérie; Terrin, Jean-Jacques; Wagner, Mira
1999The Manufaktur: Supporting work practice in (landscape) architectureBüscher, Monika; Mogensen, Preben; Shapiro, Dan; Wagner, Ina
2016Unpacking the Notion of Participation in Participatory DesignBratteteig, Tone; Wagner, Ina
2001Work Practices Surrounding PACS: The Politics of Space in HospitalsTellioğlu, Hilda; Wagner, Ina